We have possibility to deliver goods to all the main destinations in Iran’s territory, due to the fact that we have our own agents in every TIR custom
Our office in Tehran takes care of the shipments after cargo cross the Iranian border, no matter if Sea Port or TIR customs, so that it is possible to handle every problem in the best way, and to give a service of customer care in order to support all the customers there.
We offer different types of services for any possible exigence: we can manage from the small groupage shipment to out of gauge goods shipments, with solutions by special truck or Breakbulk service up to Charter vessel for this kind of transports.

We are familiar with transports with controlled temperature (reefer trucks) or ADR cargo, and we are able to offer such kind of services in respect with current regulations;
Our freight rates are highly competitive considering that we are arranging minimum 1 truck ADR per week and we can offer for weekly/monhtly sailing departure.

Our prices are highly competitive, for both full truck and groupage service, because we are inside this market from many years, and so we developed methods to reduce the costs, and for the optimization of the groupage loads .Our service with Iranian trucks is top quality. Thanks to the fact that we have employees that can speak persian language, we are in direct contact with the drivers, so we always know where they are, and we have everything under our control, in order to intervene quickly to handle upcoming issues, avoiding the loss of time of asking other intermediary companies.
Sea freight service we are actually offering is taking in consideration the constant and fluctuating market realted to this country that is suffering sanctions.
This situation helped us to study and develope different and alternative solutions, that could finally be more competitive than the usual solutions, that who has not experience on this trade, could not reach and offer.
During the years we reached a wide knowledge of the problems concerning the export custom clearance for this country, and we are able to solve any kind of situation in the best possible way, and to offer our advice to the customers for all the kinds of doubts, regarding dual use regulations or regarding the necessary documents for the import custom clearance in Iran.

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